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Enneagram at Work

  • Martime Heritage Center Park Pavilion 514 West Holly Street Bellingham, WA, 98225 United States (map)
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Taught by Sarah Murphy-Kangas and Laura Todd, this workshop is open to Enneagram learners of all levels, though having an introductory knowledge of the Enneagram is helpful.

As a psycho-spiritual tool for transformation, the Enneagram is also a very practical workplace help--how can you understand your boss better? Why do you connect with some teammates better than others? How can you use your type to be a better leader? What's your driving motivation, and how does that affect the way you show up at work?

We encourage participants to come with one (or more) team members from your workplace, or someone you're collaborating with one something. We find that the learning is richer when folks are learning it together and taking their insights outside the workshop.

Cost: $60/student or $50/student if you come with someone else!

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