What's Inspiring you Lately?

What's inspiring you lately?

For me, so much.

A business owner who asked for feedback about his leadership, heard some hard things, and kept listening.

A young woman who's coming to me for coaching and said, "I feel like I've gone as far as my default way of doing things will get me. I want to try something different."

Another business owner who, despite the fear and pain of it, is taking steps to dissolve a partnership that is no longer serving his business or his employees.

A basketball coach at my son's high school who took the least skilled students from tryouts, formed a team with them, and clearly had more fun that all the other more senior teams.

A client who's decided, after many conversations with me and much deliberation, to retire before she's stayed too long.

What's the next right thing for you? What could happen if you step into that clearing?