The Myth of the Grand Opening

I've been a Seth Godin fan for a long time. I find him to be a very helpful and wise navigator in the swirls of pop culture, trends, and the ongoing task of figuring out what's important and what's not. This interview has stuck with me for several years, especially his question, "How few people can I influence and still be able to do what I'm doing tomorrow?" When I was starting my practice, this was profoundly helpful.

He's launched a podcast, and this first episode carries forward this favorite theme of his. Don't wait for the Grand Opening! Don't wait for Oprah to discover you! Don't toil away in secret, counting down until the Big Reveal.

Instead, follow the energy of Yes, as Meg Wheatley or Shonda Rhimes would say. Do the next right thing, as Glennon Doyle would say. "Just get out there and do your best," as all parents say to their nervous children. Get feedback along the way, share your fledgling ideas with people you trust, be willing to fail. And call off that grand opening!